The symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue are often confused with those of menopause

Many women reach a certain age, usually around the age of fifty, they begin to manifest symptoms of excessive tiredness, body aches, weight loss, changes in blood pressure to the bottom, feel stunned among others, it usually happens that these symptoms described are associated with those of the menopause generating confusion and misdiagnoses, although both conditions have a similar origin that is the decrease in the production of hormones.

In the case of the Adrenal Fatigue what distinguishes it and draws attention is the loss of weight, this condition is not, as the irreversible menopause, since not all women present it.

Adrenal Fatigue is known as the symptomatology that occurs when the adrenal glands have worked excessively during a lifetime under stress and fatigue when fatigue becomes chronic and a constant lethargy falls, we could be in the presence of Adrenal Fatigue making its appearance as we get older.

As usual on the channel bring as a guest to talk about these symptoms to Dr. Laurie Blanscet specialist in anti-aging and hormonal issues in a short conversation that sheds light on the differences between Adrenal Fatigue and menopause and gives us clues to recognize and treat it.

Adrenal Fatigue is caused mainly because we are constantly subjected to high levels of stress and inaction resolving a lot of things at the same time without taking the time to rest and drain the adverse effects of daily stress.

The treatment of Adrenal Fatigue is very simple: rest, remove the pressure of schedules, stay away from toxic people that generate mood changes, practice therapies that help us relax the body and mind as meditation or simply take deep inhalations and Then release it until reaching a state of inner calm that in turn relaxes the hormone-producing glands and bring them back to normal.

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