The things you need to know about Yukon Men

Yukon Men is a reality TV series that made it for 5 seasons before it was canceled. The show was first aired on 31st August 2012 on the Discovery channel. The show was produced by the Paper Route Production Company. The show portrays the lives of the residents of a small village of Tanana.A place that is located at 60 miles from the Arctic Circle. The show was first aired to an audience of 1.95 million. Initially, the show had a lot of opposition from many critics as well as people but once it got going many more people started showing green signal to the show. Over the years, the Yukon Men cast members have gained popularity and have become the stars of reality TV.

The main cast involved in the show:

There are many involved in the casting of the Yukon Men show. The main cast of the show is Stan Zuray, an individual who has spent more than 40 years of his life in the Alaskan wilderness. But he was born and brought up in Boston, Massachusetts. He has a son by name Joey Zuray. He is currently in his twenties and now like is father he is used to the Alaskan wilderness.

Then comes the Charlie Wright, a water plant operator by profession. And the list does not end there he is also a mechanic, trapper and a brave man known for his hunting skills. He has a son by name Robert Wright, even who coincidently happens to be in his twenties. He is learning about his family traditions from his father. Particularly, he is very much interested and focused in developing his hunting skills.

The Moore family makes it to the list next.Pat, an individual who operates a local kennel for James Robertswith the assistance of his children, Courtneyand Thomas.