The use of Dogs in the Detection of bed bug (punaise de lit) Hideout

Pets like dogs are one of the most friendly animals to man. The dog is a friend and a companion to man. Dogs are humble and loyal to their masters and they will do anything for the one who owns them. Dogs have been seen to assist physically challenged individuals and the can also be trained in the control of the pest. The use of dogs in the control of pests like a bed bug (punaise de lit) is quite amazing. Dogs naturally have the ability to scent far distant substances. They have up to 250 million receptors making their nostrils very sensitive to smell.

The receptor of humans is barely 5 million, which is like one-fourth the ability of a dog. The nostril of a dog is rated as very important part since it can detect minute changes in smell to the level that is impossible for most scientific instruments. This ability of the dog makes them useful as they can be used to detect the hideout of bedbug geneva (punaise de lit genève) depending on the training given to them. Many pest control organizations make use of dogs for these purposes and they charge per time of service for the dogs used.
Dogs are capable of detecting scents up to a level 100 times better than what a man can do. This extraordinary ability id channeled to detecting where bed bugs hide. This is not the only thing they do, they also able to tell if all the bed bug (punaise de lit)is killed in an extermination program. Once the dog is used detects that there are still bed bugs left, the pest control organization will be able to find out where the remaining are hiding using the dog and thereby applying extermination actions furthermore to ensure that the house or facility is totally free of the pest.

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