There is not enough evidence that Coconut Oil has the necessary amounts of components that qualify it as healthy

Coconut Oil has been the subject of various discussions regarding whether its benefits are real or have only been poorly made experiments that have placed it on the market as a miraculous ingredient, which has been said to contribute the cure of heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, skin diseases, help to lose weight and some others, which may not be certain. For a long time, coconut oil was described as unhealthy, but even so, it was presented as an almost miraculous ingredient that convinced many, and then realized that it was just a fraud.

Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat, which is already a big problem, but among its multiple contradictory studies, it has also been shown that it has in small quantities some components that could favor the heart. But perhaps for lack of means, as much economic as on the part of specialists to realize studies and to assume risks they have remained without answers guessed so many questions.
When we look through some studies we can see that most of them conclude that Coconut Oil does not have the necessary amounts of components that qualify it as healthy for the heart, as has the syrup. of rice malt or coffee with butter, or any detoxifying of those that are exposed in the network, that although these are not foods are also consumed without having been tested.
Now, being objective, who has recommended coconut oil as a healthy food really possesses the necessary knowledge to ensure that it is? Or is someone who like you have been carried away by the deceptive marketing with which many have bought large quantities of food with the promise of curing amounts of diseases without studies to support it.
Coconut oil lacks evidence to be called healthy food and we show it to you at where we share an interesting reading.

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