Things you need to know while buying a wireless router

Do you want to have access to the internet to all your smart phones and laptops in your workplace? Then, you need to buy the best router that is power-packed with umpteen features and is available at the cost-effective price. Prior to buying a mesh wireless router, you need to compare the features of two to three routers and pick the router that suits your business or personal needs. Few of the things you need to consider while buying an ubiquiti wireless router include

Router limits: The router that is having high speed internet will quickly load the videos and other content that you are accessing on the internet. Data moves faster over the connected network. You need to pick the best internet package from your service provider to access the internet at a jet speed and until the limit that your router supports.
Booster club: You can take the faster internet connection package from your Internet service provider. If you take the internet plan of 100 Mbps, you can improve the performance of your routers.

Mesh network: If the mikrotikrouter is connected in the living room of your home, the router with high throughput cannot transmit the signals to you who are in the other side of the home premises. To extend the internet coverage area limit, you would need to use mesh network. This has two or multiple routers connected together to strengthen the internet signal. This will expand the reach of your internet connection and without dropping the internet speed.
Guesthouses: You can have one personal router and a guest router which is exclusively for your guests without actually giving them the password to your personal router.
Security: You need to use WPA2 encryption to make the router password protected. All you need to do is to enter the password that is set on your internet connected device once and as soon as you step into your home premises, you are connected to the internet.

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