Top costs associated with hiring a maid

When it comes to hiring a foreign domestic helper(外傭), many employers are always confused on the true cost of such a process. Cost is one of the most critical issues in hiring a maid because there are different components involved. For example, there are legal fees that must be paid to every maid, whether they are working on a part-time or full-time basis. Since an employer can employ a part-time maid, the cost, in this case, will be completely different. For a part-time maid, the burden of the whole process will be assumed by the agency that recruited the maid.

For a full-time maid, the burden, in this case, will be assumed by the employer. Generally, there are many costs associated with hiring a maid. If the maid to be hired as a foreigner, the costs involved in this case include a settling-in fee, the application fee for a work permit, the fee for issuance of the work permit and foreign domestic maid levy. In addition to these, other costs an employer is looking at include the maid’s monthly salary, medical insurance cover, personal accident insurance and security deposit. If an employer wants to employ a part-time maid through a maid agency (女傭), the only due payment, in this case, will be the agency fee.

The agency fee is usually charged because of the work the agency has done in recruiting the maid. This fee can be high or low depending on the type of agency an employer is working with. For a full-time filipino maid (僱傭), on the other hand, the cost can be significantly high, especially if the full-time maid is a foreigner. It is very common for employers to hire foreign domestic maids since locals tend to charge a lot of money as monthly salary. In addition, many locals are not always willing to work as maids. click here to get more information Foreign Worker (外勞).