Turmeric Flavors of India: the Middle East that comes to Las Vegas

The new restaurant Turmeric Flavors of India will reserve the most delicious dishes made with turmeric and serve them in Las Vegas, bringing the queen of the kitchen of the housewives of that country, to the west and, nothing less than the most populated country from America. Turmeric Flavors of India is an initiative to rescue the values and customs of Indian families residing in Las Vegas, and in the state of Nevada in general. Their gastronomic options are their own and native to that country, and they also take a risk with a vegan and vegetarian menu for the people who manage in that new wave that is so popular today.

The project plans to open soon and will have the standard services of American restaurants. Thus, customers will enjoy personalized attention, reservations, payment with credit and debit cards and balcony with a bar to enjoy alcoholic beverages and elixirs unraveled from that country.Another service of Turmeric Flavors of India is its delivery service, which takes food to the houses or addresses that the client decides. The prices are accessible and the hours of operation will be from Monday to Sunday from 11 in the morning until almost midnight. The place is suitable for children, teenagers, young and old adults; and can become the ideal family place to share a dinner with different flavors.

As this project, which already has a façade on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, gains strength, the inhabitants wait with great expectation, especially those of Indian roots who want to experiment with this cuisine and, although in all the territory of the United States, especially in New York, Indian food is so popular, this new site will be dedicated to spices, especially turmeric.However, the variety of dishes from Turmeric Flavors of India will be extended as much as customers wish, and other condiments so characteristic of the eastern country will be added, such as curry, ginger and, of course, cereals – rice, wheat, and soy.

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