Types of poker games

There are different types of poker games. Poker game especially when they play over online in Indonesia, there are several fraudulent websites trying to cheat people. Hence they first Google for poker online Indonesia terpercaya and that provides them a list of reliable sites where they can play poker. Next time when you are in Indonesia and want to play poker, first search for poker online indonesia terpercaya. Poker is definitely one of the most involving card games. Let’s walk you through some of the popular poker games

• Texas hold’em-
This is the version of 2017. In this game, you have three community cards and they are flop, turn and river. In this game, players get two cards to deal face down. Before the community round, there will be a betting round.

• Omaha-
In this poker, you will get 4 cards, but can use only two cards in that four. In this game also, before community round there is a betting round. This game is played more than Texas hold’em poker game.

• Seven card stud-
Seven card stud game was famous in the early 21st century than the Texas hold’em poker game. This game is also played with two cards. One is face down and one is face up. Who has the lowest face down betting starts the game.

• Five card draw-
This is the simple version of poker game. It is played in a fun environment than a competitive environment. In this poker game, betting round is before and after the draw. Game will start with 5 face down cards.

• Mixed game format-
In this game, at the same time they can play so many poker games. This play involves rotation of every hand. This game is not for the beginners.

• Speed poker-
It is a new format of the poker game, which got introduced on different websites.

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