Van Lathan, controversial but realistic

He is a famous American journalist from the capital of the wonderful state of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, he was born on April 16, 1980, and he has only one sister, he graduated from the university in 2003 as a journalist. His parents are Terry and Chrystal Ellis.

Van Lathan has excelled as a sports commentator on TMZ particularly in the NFL, and has excelled as an escort on the TMZ tour bus program, and as a presenter on The Red Pill program, a podcast having great popularity because of its unique way of express opinions on such diverse and controversial topics as sports, politics, the incidences of musical trends such as rap and hip-hop.

Through the good use of social networks, Van Lathan has made public his combat with overweight and also explains openly how he managed to restore his ideal weight through exercise routine and a healthy diet, with his touches of good humor and mischief that they have characterized it and they have allowed him to continue adding followers.

This particular sports journalist, made himself known in public when he argued about the opinions mentioned by rapper and musician Kanye West who commented on American slavery, asserting that this was simply a decision implying that it was not oppression, which he gained opinions of bewilderment from his audience and personalities of all tendencies, generating enough controversy and a debate on this kind of thinking, for which he had to apologize.

Van Lathan has been able to exploit the good use of social networks, to raise complaints about celebrities who exercise domestic violence and other types of abuse, has also won sponsors of food supplements, which promotes their videos and messages continuously, their personality is characterized for being very open always respecting the conditions established under the rights for all inspiring living in balance, mind, and body, always through good attitude towards others and towards the performance of their work.