Water Balloon prank for Christmas

Festivals bring the joy and fun all over the horizon. Natives decorate their homes, offices, shops etc with all the worldly items to make the occasion special and warm. Now it’s the year end and Christmas Eve is nearby for the celebration. This festival is the most loved and highly celebrated across the globe. People buy gifts and even plan pranks to capture the funny moments of that occasion. These days prank wars is on the highest degree at the social media platforms. They plan various pranks and try to fool their friends and relatives with all these stuff. YouTube is such an amazing and versatile platform which provides you with such a fantastic opportunity with such activities.

They can make their own channels on this platform and post all such content for the people across the world. These days Wengie pranks are getting appreciated and people like such stuff. She is proactive with her videos and her newest video is uploaded on YouTube. She has perfectly managed the practical jokes with Wendie and there are 10 pranks uploaded by her. Out of them here you get the 5th prank which is about water balloon gift. The necessary items you require is a gift box, balloon, and water and rest the art for making this prank successful.
The splash water prank can be the best of the 10 pranks overall. Just inflate the balloon with water and do not tie the end of the balloon. All you have to do is to twist the end of the balloon so that it does not spill out the water. Now take the empty gift box and hold its lid or covering properly. Now place the twisted end of the balloon at the edge of the box and place the lid over it. Present it to your friends and make their Christmas Eve a water splashy one.

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