We Don’t Sell Reconditioned Body Armour

There are so many armour manufacturers out there on the market. You will also find that there are some manufacturers those are selling the armours at a very low price. But wait before you buy protection products from them. See the policies, terms, conditions and the full detail of their products. Because it can be a used armour, which is reconditioned or refurbished by the manufacturer.

And after reconditioning it they are selling it at a low price. But what we recommend is not to buy any reconditioned or refurbished body armour. We are here to help you. We are providing fully new armours and other protection products at a genuine price. You don’t need to buy any second-hand product. We don’t want to put you at risk. No, not at all. We want a secure life for you. So that we are making every product with full attention and with all the new stuff. We are neither refurbishing old products nor we are using any used material in our products.

You can believe us without any worry. We are at the top of the list of UK body armour manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a stab vest or a bullet proof vest. We recommend you to buy a new product. Yes, the new one will charge you a few bucks more than the old or reconditioned one. But don’t worry about that, because the new one will give you full protection. But if we talk about the old one then who can give the guarantee about it? So you don’t have to buy any reconditioned product. We are here providing the new protection products. Whether you want body armour, stab vest, bullet proof vest, carriers, plates or anything, we recommend you to buy the new product for you.

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