Weight compensation using the power of permanent magnets

What is weight compensation or anti-weight? Well, it’s the process of equalling the weight of the device used for installing a machine/product with the weight of the later. This principle helps in weight lifting of heavy weight machines and other devices. Now, most devices used for vertical installation use electric supply or compressed air as a power source. Also, the force exerted by these devices are displacement dependent. This acts as a barrier in some ways. To overcome these problems, use MagSpring products for vertical weight installation.

How different is MagSpring from other vertical installers?
Like most other installers, this product is also made of mainly two parts- a slider and a stator. However, the MagSpring product is different on the basis of its working principle. It uses the power of its permanent magnet to exert force. The magnets are either attached to the slider or stator or both of these parts. Besides, the force exerted by the device doesn’t depend on the displacement between the position of iron and the magnets. Though slightly different in its working principle, the device can be termed as one of the best devices for weightcompensation.
How does the device help in weight compensation?
At first, the device is to be installed. As the design is simple, mounting the stator can be done using a clamp. Then the slider is attached to the weight to be lifted. The device uses the attraction power of its magnet to deliver a force up to 60 N. If the power supply is interrupted, the device still can hold the machine in its position without dropping it down to the ground level.

Besides weight compensation, the force to displacement curve of the product helps in achieving other tasks. Also, using the device is safer than other weight compensators as there’s no source of current required for the device to work.

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