Magnetic cables are the next generation of the normal electric cables. But what is the basic difference between them? Both have a different field of work. Magnetic USB cables last longer than the normal electric ones. They come in both I phone and Android Compatible designs. Most normal electric chargers are subject to damage in adverse weather conditions.
What is USB C?
It is a24- Plug in have a fully reversible connector that allows fast transfer of data and energy. It can connect with both hosts and devices thereby replacing the standard connector. The Measurement is 8.4 millimeters by 2.6 millimeters. These magneticcables are compatible with this USB C.
• Compatible with both Android and I Phone including magneticUSB C.
• Copper core for fast charging & Data transfer.
• Gold plated contacts.
• Magnetic Quick connection
• Tough outer sheeting.
The magnetic USB starts ranging from $ 5 to $100. Remember, the more dollars you will spend the longer lasting your charger will be.
Parts of magnetic-USB
Each cable comes with two ends, one end plugs directly into your device or phone, and the other end is the cable. There are earth magnets at both ends so that you can spin the tab. This helps to attach securely. The gold plating ensures that they don’t get corroded when your phones mess up in pockets and bags. The copper used inside is 2.4 A. It is compatible with every data charging and fast transfer technologies.
There isMagnetic Samsung Cable. So which ever smart phone you might have, these magnetic cables are compatible with them. The added advantage is they enable fast charging. It is great to charge your I Phone or Android within 6 to 7 minutes.

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