What do you understand by web hosting and know it services?

In this era, every businessman promotes and advertises their business through the website. In the website, they put the information about the product and give some special offers to attract the customers. For making the website, they hire the professional and then place the site on the web hosting. web hosting is the different service which makes the site available to the other user of the internet. The web host offer space on the server, by which another computer of the world can access your site using the modem or network. There are millions of web hostingservices are available today, specialized enterprises web hostingservices.

Know some different types of web hosting services:

Internet services provider or ISP:

Most of the people put their site through the internet service provider because it is inexpensive and easy. The ISP service packages consist of some free web space, tools to upload and create the site easily and quickly. ISP sites are best for these individuals who want to put their small site with the low traffic.

Free web hosting:

Another good option for the personal and small websites is free web hosting. There are the lot of free hosting provider which offers different types of features such as CGI access and much more. If you have the small business, then this is the best option for you. You can easily create your site and make it attractive.

Paid hosting:

Pay some fee for the services and space with the paid hosting on the web hosting server. If you put the site through paid hosting, then you have to pay some monthly fees. When you pay more, they provide more and more features to you and make your sites attractive. Their services are database support, e-commerce, SSL, CGI access, additional spaces, more bandwidth, etc.

These all are the different services of the web hosting. Take one them for advertising and promoting the business.

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