In this 21st century, there seems to be a lot of things that seems funny to different kinds of people. Looking at it, what seems funny to different kinds of people all over the world varies. Some people see something’s as funny, while others do not see it as funny. So, something being funny is relative across different individuals. An idea of what is funny can be seen in various video clips online. Even the palmashow has been tagged to be one of the funniest show online.

While one is going online to download or watch this show, language is not really a barrier. The palmashow (le palmashow) is a French, but one does not really have to be a French man in order to capture the funny moments embedded within these clips online. Merely seeing their postures and gestures will make any normal human burst into uncontrollable laughter. Asides that, Palma show can also be gotten in English versions online through the use of some technological tools.

Asides doing subtitles of the clips, one can actually hear the actors speak English as one watches the movie. This can be done through different kinds of players or platforms that one desires to use. Sometimes, one wonder how come we have tons of funny videos on the internet. This is because individuals in the world right now, all have access to the purchase of cameras and camcorders that they themselves use to upload their funny moments online, and this is the trend that many of the gags celebrated online have come. The set of people that involve themselves with these set of funny videos range from kids to adults (actors of Palma show); it does not necessarily have to be an age class or bracket. Anyone that have access to the internet and camera can upload any of these videos online.

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