What is secondary double glazing used for? Learn about the features, functions, and advantages of the system

This procedure is used to give greater resistance to the windows and to ensure that the rooms in the house or office are kept at a comfortable temperature, especially in winter. Its panels with secondary double glazing are made of plastic covered with two sheets of glass, which gives it enough resistance.

The windows with secondary glazing are installed with a guarantee of 10 years, which certifies that they are high-quality products, with few maintenance requirements and very durable; even if they break, they do not represent a danger, because the glass will remain attached to the plastic and will not be destroyed. It takes too strong a force to break the glass into pieces.

When you visit the website www.interiorglaze.co.uk, you will find the best factory with sliding panels, with beautiful colors, arched frames, traditional, guillotine, gazebo, vertical fenestration bars and hinges with quite strong screws to support the weight, despite being very light. The designs are adapted to all spaces; we have computerized drawings (CAD), which fit all measurements.

Our plans include simple windows, panoramic, swing, sliding, high, with viewpoints, etc., we elaborate each piece with sheets with a 6.4 mm aluminum extrusion, which provides the necessary isolation for disturbing noise in the city, reducing the intensity of the sound in 80%, which is equivalent to 45 dB, providing the necessary silence to work or rest at home.

In Glaze Interior, we serve private homes, shops, and historic buildings, ensuring compliance with the rules that prevent changing the design of the structure and giving the best performance to the internal environment of the building. For this reason, we are the best in the installation of secondary glazing London and in the area around the M25 motorway.

Definitely, the solution to isolate the cold and noise is to install a window with this glazing system. Decide and visit our page, here you will solve these two situations in one step.

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