What is your League of legends elo boost?

Did you know what elo rating or elo boost is? Well if not, elo rating is a system or method invented by a Hungarian-born American physics professor, Arpad Elo which is used to calculate the specific skill levels of players in a competitive game.
Today elo rating is mainly used over the internet for online multiplayer games where a player is challenged by another player to compete and get results. For example in a game of chess, based on the skill levels of the two competing players each one of them would have a specific elo level. The elo levels are basically numbers which increase or decrease depending on the number of wins and losses. Today elo rating is used in almost every competitive game to predict the outcome of the game as well as rate the players thus getting an idea of the skills of the player.

For players over the internet competing with friends and also other players across the world, elo rating holds their prestige and they wouldn’t want to look inferior to their friends thus they would try their best to increase their elo ratings. This has led to the birth of elo boosting. League of legends elo boost is the most common elo boosting presently. Lol (League of legends) is one of the most played online multiplayer games and thus the demand for elo level boosting is great.
Now that you know about elo rating system, what about elo boosting? Basically as the name suggests, it is boosting of one’s elo ratings not by oneself but by hired players who may or may not have access to your account and will for an amount, boost or increase your elo rating level in a game. Today Lol Boost has managed to get viral. People have had to open up explicit websites just for elo boosting of the league of legends game.