I had been recently told the large corporation I had been working with for a job that was annual determined to open up their production job for bids. For eight straight years, I was their service provider for this job. It gave the impression to me who they may not happen to be met with my work or they may be looking elsewhere to get a cheaper deal.
I understand they’ve been pleased with all the services I provided and I’ve made friends with all the contacts I ‘ve for this customer. They may be concerned using the price.
I clearly did not want to lose this customer who is been giving me a $20000 gain that is why I asked if I can also give my suggestion to them. They concurred.
Together with using my suggestion writing system trusting that I’ll secure the offer again, I did the most powerful proposition.
They chose to place the job out for bids since the customer comes with an organization which also consists of videographers and video production owners. These members constantly ask the reason why also tell the customer that they can lower their costs and they do not get to submit their suggestions.
The company considered that it was important to provide its members the opportunity to bid on this particular job. video production London company got the chance to participate.
Since I understand the despair on some these individuals, I was a little upset via this scenario. They’ll do everything they are able to in order to close the offer even whenever they understand that they’re going to not acquire any profit from it. The customer loses in the end as soon as they get the job.
Videographers do not generally do their best in case a job does not create money. They may initially do it nicely but they start to get stressed on their expenses which induce their services to lose quality, as soon as they understand that they’re not getting anything out of it.

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