Who Should Handle Your Social Media Marketing?

At the light of the soaring popularity of Facebook and Twitter together with customers, most companies know they’d better get involved. In reality, we’ve moved beyond the first days of queries challenging the validity of SM for an advertising medium — it is for real people. The question on everybody’s mind is “Who.”

As in, “Who must handle our social networking marketing?”
And almost before They’ve completed the query, 10-20 “social networking specialists” will chime in with the response (while maybe increasing their hands):
“Ooohhh, ooohhh, choose me! I want to do it”
Actually that is just the type of matter giving Web Design And Branding Services NYC with a bad name at this time. As there were lots of hacks in Internet site design a decade ago and a great deal of overnight search engine optimization pros 5 decades ago, now there appears to be a proliferation of “Social Media Consultants.” A new USA Today poll revealed that there are far more Social Media Consultants from the USA than there are Republicans. And last weekend I was driving through rural Ohio and watched an intriguing picture. A little bait store operating from a trailer and supplying “storm doors, live bait and societal networking consulting.”
In an effort to help wade through the numerous choices of Web Design And Branding Services NYC, I talked with a few respected social media people and got their take on the question: “Who Should Handle Your Social Media?” Are you hoping for an easy answer? But there are 4 firmly entrenched camps with this one.
1. Your Public Relations Business Must –
I’ve got a small bias here. From the 90s, I abandoned Bowling Green together with my newly minted Public Relations degree and began working in a dot com startup in the energy market. I believed it’d be a good idea to pitch folks on Geocities who composed about energy issues to make them pay what we were performing at Energy.com. Nobody called it sociable networking marketing afterward, it was only using public relations and media relations skills to the world wide web. I’ve had both online advertising professionals and public relations specialists tell me that your PR company shouldn’t be in social networking and that the two approaches are essentially distinct.

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