It is very easy for players to make mistakes when playing GTA 5 or when using any GTA 5 cheat . One of the biggest mistakes players make when playing the game is to drive insanely. In GTA 5, it is every player’s joy to perform amazing stunts and drive fast. This is actually recommended because it increases a player’s driving abilities. But this does not suggest that driving insanely does not have drawbacks. When a player drives like a maniac in GTA 5, the player is basically drawing a lot of attention towards their character. This attention is unwanted, especially when playing the online version of GTA 5.

The police do not like it when cars are driven recklessly on the streets. In case a player is involved in any event, the police will create a big distraction making it challenging for the player to complete certain missions. If a car is driven recklessly and happens to be involved in an accident or get damaged, the car will lose its value immediately it is delivered to Simeon. Even if a player is using gta 5 cheats such as the invincibility cheat, a player should not drive the car recklessly because it will ruin their reputation in front of other online players.

Driving like a lunatic in gta 5 modded can also hurt a player’s character or even result in an unnecessary death. The worst punishment a player can even get in GTA 5 is death. This is because a player will be forced to steal their car back and when this happens, the police will get involved. This can also result in the player paying up to $800 as insurance fee just to get back the car in time. This is a lot of money that should not be wasted unnecessarily and is likely to drain a player’s account fast.

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