Why Monsters At Large has important lessons to teach kids

For most parents, picking a movie for their kids is always difficult. It even becomes more difficult when a parent has to choose a horror film. Not all horror films are produced to be viewed by children below 13 years of age. Most parents usually pick movies that can strengthen the life skills and character traits of their children, as well as those that teach them about integrity. A good upcoming family-friendly horror film that has all these traits is Monsters At Large. Monsters At Large is a film produced and directed by Jason Murphy and which will be available on DVD from March 13, 2018.

There are so many things kids pick up from movies. Some of these are positive and others negative. The film Monsters At Large is produced to teach children about integrity. In the movie, there are many scenes where young characters apologize to one another. There are also other scenes in the movie where characters reconcile despite not being in good terms. Apart from teaching kids about integrity, Monsters At Large has used proper language throughout its script. The script was written by Anthony Steven Giordano.There is no foul language in the movie that children can pick up on.

The only line children will likely pick up on is “Lord Almighty”. This has been repeated several times in Monsters At Large to reference a small device known as the nut buster. Finding movies for young children is not always easy as most parents always want movies that teach their children stuff they want them to learn. With Monsters At Large, parents will get the opportunity to ensure that kids receive the right lessons from the movie. Movie director Jason Murphy has always produced family-friendly films and most of them are full of important lessons for kids and Monsters At Large will be no exception.