Why the quality of a firing bolt on a paintball gun is very important?


There are many elements that go into the construction of a paintball gun. There’s the body, the butt cap, the barrel, the grips, board and a few other things. But, one of the most important parts of a gun is the firing pin and the bolt mechanism.

In very simple started guns, there are just a few parts that make up the firing bolt. But, when you start to buy the performance variety of paintball guns, the firing bolt becomes more and more complex. The fact is that many moving parts allow for a lot of intricacy. With intricacy comes a lot of mechanical possibilities.

Firing bolts that use a lot of parts are extremely efficient. One of the biggest benefits of a firing bolt made out of many moving parts is that it will not result in smashed paintballs. Cheap paintball guns have this problem of the paintball bursting inside of the firing pin, because the pressure isn’t monitored and regulated properly.

As you might know, cleaning out a barrel with a smashed paintball is a very messy business that will require a lot of time, keeping you away from the game. With high performance guns that are usually also the best paintball guns out there, smashed paintballs are never an issue.

Range and accuracy are fantastic as well, when the firing bolt is made with good engineering.

So, when reading about a paintball gun that you are considering buying, try to learn more about the firing bolt mechanism. There are a lot of forums where such things are discussed.

Other than firing bolt, you must also look at the build quality of the gun to see if it will last on a paintball field. Also, check the quality of the barrel. It should preferably be a two piece barrel with at least 10 inches in length. This will allow paintballs to be fired with a lot of consistency.

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